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At Panaché Salon & Day Spa we offer a wide variety of nail products and services in the spacious upper level of our salon.

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Our nail services include:

Buff and Polish                                                                           Starting at $20.00
includes shaping of nails and polish change finish with cuticle oil.

Basic Manicure                                                                            Starting at $25.00
includes: clip, file, shape nails, cuticle cleanup, hand soak, moisturizing hand massage, polish, and cuticle oil.

Spa Manicure                                                                              Starting at $35.00
includes: a basic manicure with sugar scrub, paraffin and hot towel treatments to get dry hands softer and more moisturized.

Toenail Trim                                                                               Starting at $20.00
10 minute soak in pedicure throne, clip, file, shape toenails. Finish with lotion and cuticle oil applications.

Express Pedicure                                                                       Starting at $40.00
10 minute soak in pedicure throne, clip, file, shape toenails, cuticle cleanup, sugar scrub and lotion on feet. Polish and finish with cuticle oil.

Basic Pedicure                                                                            Starting at $55.00
10 minute soak in pedicure throne, trim, file, shape toenails, cuticle cleanup, callous treatment, sugar scrub on legs and feet, moisture massage on legs and feet, polish and cuticle oil.

Spa Pedicure                                                                              Starting at $65.00
For extra papering and moisture. A basic pedicure including paraffin nd hot towel treatment.

Acrylics full set $60.00OPI nail polish

Fill $40.00

Pink and Whites $70.00

Nail Repair $6.00

Additional services,

Shellac added to any service $15.00

Nail Art $5 and up

Let your inner Diva shine with custom made acrylics! A rainbow of possibilities to choose from! You can enjoy your hand done works of art without the worries of polish flaking and chipping! Let our professional nail artists create for you a one of a kind look!

Never worry about polish chipping on natural nail. We use Shellac that hardens instantly, and guarantees a chipless, natural nail manicure for two weeks. Now your nails are ready to go when you are.

If you want to spice up your hands or feet this is the way to go! Our nail artists do one of a kind, hand-painted artwork right on your fingers and toes! It’s portable art! The possibilities are limitless!

Our selection of pedicures lest anyone forget, will leave your feet relaxed, revitalized and walking on cloud nine!


Panaché Salon and Day Spa
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